uPVC – Euro Cylinder Locks Belfast

If you are looking for a replacement Euro cylinder door lock in Belfast, Finakeys Locksmiths can help.  We carry hundreds of different sizes in brass and chrome.  We also stock thumb-turn (easy access opening) and a range of British Standard 1 Star locks. 

Euro cylinder locks are the most common profile design in the UK and most of Ireland.  These locks are used mostly on UPVC doors on both domestic and commercial properties.  

When these locks were first patented in 1805, these were originally called pin tumbler locks.  Throughout the years they have been more commonly known as Euro Cylinder’s.   

When inserted into a lock case or mechanism, the key rotates a cam which moves the deadbolt in the lock case into a keep in the frame of the door . Euro Cylinder locks are very versatile which is why they are widely used by Architectural Ironmongers and Locksmiths. 

When identifying your lock, you should make sure it is the euro profile and not an Oval.  The Oval profile or British Oval works the same way as the Euro Cylinder Lock but is a different shape so will not be compatible with a euro cylinder casing.  

Normally a Euro Profile Cylinder come in sizes varying from 70mm up to 120mm, for example a 75mm lock will measure one side from the centre screw hole 35mm and the other side 40mm etc.  There are tens of dozens of sizes and offsets so if you are coming into the shop, it’s important that you accurately measure your locks or bring the old one into the shop.  It is also important to remember which side of the lock is on the outside of the door. 

At Finakeys Locksmith Belfast we offer a large range of standard Euro Cylinders but also offer a range of anti drill, anti pick and anti snap Euro Cylinders.  

We also stock a wide range of UPVC door handles, Sash Jammers and window restrictors in the shop as well as a range of UPVC gearboxes 

Whether you want to call into the shop in Belfast to buy a new lock, or you want us to come and fit it for you, Finakeys Locksmiths Belfast is your Number 1 choice for Euro Locks in Belfast.

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