Dog Tags engraved in Belfast

Are you looking for a pet tag for your furry friend?

Finakeys, Belfast can get you a new tag for your pet within 5 minutes.

With our state of the art Pet Tag Engraving machine, we can add your pets name, your address, phone number and pretty much anything else you want.  Providing your pets name and address can help return your pet to you should they ever get lost.

Note: for information about Dog licencing in Belfast please

Giving your furry friend a pet tag means you are making them an official part of the family.  You can choose a pet tag from a wide selection of designs available to suit your pet’s individual personality.  No matter what your pet is like, we have a pet tag for you!

So what are you waiting for?

Now is not the time to paws for thought!  Go get a pet tag engraved at Fiankeys Belfast and make sure you pet is safe and sound should they ever get lost.

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