AHL Keys Belfast

Are you struggling to get a copy of your AHL key in Belfast?  If so, Finakeys Locksmiths can help.  AHL stands for Architectural Hardware Ltd. Architectural Hardware Ltd operated from the Boucher Road in Belfast.  AHL Locksmiths appear to be no longer trading in Northern Ireland so getting a duplicate key cut can be difficult Read more about AHL Keys Belfast[…]

ABS Ultimate / Endurance Key Cutting Belfast

The ABS Ultimate Endurance cylinder is now being fitted in doors across Northern Ireland.  These locks feature the most state-of-the-art way to protect your home.  Finakeys Locksmith Belfast can now cut ABS Endurance keys while you wait.  Bring your cutting card into the shop and we can duplicate your key within 10 minutes.  If you Read more about ABS Ultimate / Endurance Key Cutting Belfast[…]

Car Key Prices

So how much does a car key cost in Northern Ireland? Years ago, the price of car key replacement was much lower due to the simplicity of the car keys.  Much like a front door key, car keys could be duplicated without any hassle at a low price. In the last 25 years, car makers Read more about Car Key Prices[…]

ABS Avocet Super Key Cutting Belfast

Are you searching for ABS Super Key Cutting In Belfast?  If so, Finakeys Locksmiths Belfast can help. ABS KEYS BELFAST Finakeys Locksmiths Belfast are an ABS Avocet Elite Centre, we only use genuine ABS key blanks.  ABS Avocet Keys are high security keys for 3 Star BS locks.  Your ABS lock and keys would have Read more about ABS Avocet Super Key Cutting Belfast[…]

Key Cutting Prices Belfast

Are you looking for a spare key cut in Belfast?   Finakeys Locksmiths Belfast can help you get a key cut at a competitive price.  Key cutting prices vary depending on the type of the key.  The average cost to cut keys depends on the cost of the key blank along with how long it takes Read more about Key Cutting Prices Belfast[…]

Ultion WXM Key Cutting Belfast

Finakeys Locksmith Belfast are now an authorised Ultion Centre and can supply Brisant Ultion WXM keys while you wait. Get Your WXM keys cut with Finakeys and keep your Ultion guarantee in place.  No appointment is needed.  Please visit the shop during opening hours. Ultion WXM Keys Northern Ireland Cutting usually takes less than 10 Read more about Ultion WXM Key Cutting Belfast[…]

Merlin Garage Door remote programming

Here at Finakeys locksmiths Belfast, we sometimes get asked about Garage door remote controls. Below is a video of a Merlin Garage door remote being programmed into the system. Remember the Merlin remote uses a rolling code frequency so cloning the remote is unlikely to work. If you do buy an aftermarket remote, please ensure Read more about Merlin Garage Door remote programming[…]

Ulster folk aren’t Key-asy going when it comes to their locks.

According to a recent survey, homeowners in Northern Ireland aren’t very trusting when it comes to their keys.  The survey revealed that 70% of people refused to trust anyone else with their house keys. That means seven out of ten people here saying that there is nowhere they would leave keys in case of emergency. Read more about Ulster folk aren’t Key-asy going when it comes to their locks.[…]

Security Keys Cut in Belfast

One of the most popular questions we get at Finakeys Locksmiths Belfast, is: “Do you cut security keys?” This is a very broad ranging question.  It’s a question that requires more specific information to accompany it in order for us to give an informed response.   There are literally thousands of “security keys” on the market.  Some are restricted, which Read more about Security Keys Cut in Belfast[…]

Car Key Battery Replacement Belfast

Has your car key fob stopped working?  Chances are it could be something simple such as the battery needing to be changed. If you need a car key battery replacement, Finakeys Locksmith Belfast can help.   Finakeys offer a quick and affordable service.  Car Key Battery Replacement starts from £6.50. Here at Finakeys Locksmiths, we feel we are the best choice Read more about Car Key Battery Replacement Belfast[…]

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