Allgood Keys Belfast

Allgood locks are a brand of lock created by CISA.  These are generally high security locks that have been fitted on a variety of commercial and domestic property’s in Northern Ireland.  If you need a copy of your Allgood key, call into Finakeys Locksmith Belfast.

Traditionally, G & S Allgood had concentrated on supplying ironmongery to building firms, but under new management, the founders spotted the opportunity to diversify.

Allgood have a growing UK client base and are developing many more locking solutions.

AllGood UK has the largest and most experienced estimating team in the industry.

Allgood UK help with many specialist projects in the UK and abroad.  Since their inception, they have strived to lead the industry through design, innovation and service. After 70 years, Allgood remains privately owned.

Have a look at the photo in this post.  If your Allgood key is similar to this, then Finakeys Belfast will be able to copy it for you.  Please note we require the original key in the shop for duplication.

If you wish, send us an e-mail or Whatsapp message with a photo of both sides of the key and we can get back to you.  Please check out our shop opening times online.  Please also note, that this is an in shop service only and we cannot post these keys.

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