Paxton Fob Duplication Belfast

Are you in need of a paxton a key fob copying in Belfast? Get Paxton key fobs cloned quickly and easily at your local shop in Finaghy, at Finakeys Locksmiths Belfast, including all Switch2 and Net2 types. Simply bring the fob to your nearest branch and we’ll get it copied in less than 5 minutes for £25!

How long does it take to copy a Paxton fob? We can do this same day if you bring it in-store before 4pm!

Do I need a shadow card still? No, at Finakeys locksmiths Belfast we can clone your existing fob which means it will give you all the same access as your existing one. However, if someone deactivates the shadow card on your system, every clone of the fob will stop working to.

Why does my Paxton fob have a coloured ring around it? All of our Paxton fobs at Finakeys come with a coloured ring. It can be green, orange, red, yellow or blue. It doesn’t matter what colour the fob – we can copy it.

There’s no need to phone or email, just bring your existing Paxton fob into our shop in Finaghy Belfast, and we will clone it on the spot for £25.

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