uPVC Locksmith Help and Advice

At Finakeys Locksmith Belfast, we are experts on UPVC lock repairs.

There are many reasons why your UPVC Door or Window lock will need repairing; Finakeys locksmith Belfast will either be able to fix the faulty lock or you might need a lock replacement.

Common UPVC Door/Window Lock Problems:

Key will not fully turn in the lock
Key goes in the lock but will not open the PVC Door
uPVC Door Won’t Shut or Close
UPVC Door or window will not lock properly
The lock mechanism is jammed/stuck
Key has broken & snapped in lock
Door Lock is broken
Door Handle is broken
uPVC door handle won’t lift up
uPVC door handle is loose
uPVC Door Mechanism is broken
Lock Mechanism is sticking

The follow are types of locks that can easily be repaired by Finakeys Locksmith Belfast:

Composite door locks on front and back doors – jammed or broken
UPVC door locks on front and back doors – jammed or broken
Commercial Door Locks
Patio door locks

Finakeys Locksmith Belfast work on many different multipoint locks, including ERA, GU, YALE, MACO, MILA,AVOCET,FULLEX, CEGO, WINKHAUS, LOCKMASTER, FUHR and many more

Diagnosing UPVC door problems:

If the Key won’t turn fully in the lock this means the lock is faulty or there is an alignment issue with the door & frame being out of alignment. Common reasons this happens are usually because the lock is worn or faulty, or there is a door alignment issue. Other issues can include if a cheap lock has been fitted, general wear and tear on the door, or a foreign object has been inserted into the lock. To remedy the issue, the lock will need to be replaced once the door has been unlocked & opened, a replacement lock can then be fitted along with new keys.

If you find that the key goes in lock & turns but won’t open, this usually means the multi-point lock has failed or a security bolt or hook has jammed. You might need a new multipoint locking system and or door alignment adjustment.

If you find the keys go in to your UPVC lock but have to jiggle them to get the lock to work, it is usually a sign of badly cut keys or a faulty or worn euro lock.

How much will it cost to repair my UPVC locks?

The price will depend on the issue that needs remedied. For a price guide for UPVC lock repair you can visit 3rd party website, What’s The Damage. They have put together a price guide for locksmith work. Finakeys Locksmiths in Belfast are usually competitively priced compared to the average price in the UK and Ireland.

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