AHL Keys Belfast

Are you struggling to get a copy of your AHL key in Belfast?  If so, Finakeys Locksmiths can help.  AHL stands for Architectural Hardware Ltd.

Architectural Hardware Ltd operated from the Boucher Road in Belfast.  AHL Locksmiths appear to be no longer trading in Northern Ireland so getting a duplicate key cut can be difficult as not many locksmiths offer this service.

These keys are based on the DOM security keys and are sometimes used on apartments or office premises across Northern Ireland.

While these AHL keys are more expensive than a standard Yale key, Finakeys Locksmiths Belfast offer competitive prices and can cut them inhouse while you wait.  Check our opening hours and call in to our shop in Finaghy, Belfast with your original key to get your duplicate AHL key cut in minutes.  Please note:  We do not offer a postal service for keys and cannot cut these particular keys to code.  We offer duplicate keys in the shop only.


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