Brisant Ultion Key Cutting Belfast

Are you searching for a spare key for your Ultion Lock?

If so, Finakeys Locksmith Belfast can help.

Bring your original key in and we will be able to create a duplicate Brisant Ultion key within 5 – 10 minutes.

The Ultion locks are a high security British Standard TS007 3 star lock.

These locks are tried and and tested by an MLA locksmith and they meet the highest standards.

The Brisant Ultion keys have 6 pins. Each of these pins serve a different purpose, there are 3 brass mushroom anti-pick pins, 2 steel anti drill pins and one anti-bump pin.

Amazingly there are over 294,000 key combinations.

For a high security key, such as the Brisant Ultion, Finakeys Locksmith Belfast is the place to go.

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