Car Key Battery Replacement Belfast

Has your car key fob stopped working?  Chances are it could be something simple such as the battery needing to be changed. If you need a car key battery replacement, Finakeys Locksmith Belfast can help.   Finakeys offer a quick and affordable service.  Car Key Battery Replacement starts from £7.00, which includes supplying and fitting the battery as well as testing the key afterwards to ensure it is sending a signal.

Here at Finakeys Locksmiths, we feel we are the best choice for any car key battery replacement.  

Over a period of 2 – 4 years batteries in your car key fob will usually need to be replaced. A flat key battery will prevent your key remote from functioning, and if you have a keyless function, this can be nullified if you have a dead key battery. To avoid this unnecessary inconvenience, call into Finakeys Belfast for a new key battery. 

Replacement car key batteries

If your car key remote function is no longer working, simply call into the shop and 9/10 times we will have you up and running within 5 minutes.  After your new battery has been fitted, we thoroughly test your remote so you can be confident that it will work.  

At Finakeys Locksmiths Belfast, all of our car key battery replacements come a 2 year guarantee, so if you’re in need of the most reliable supplier of car key battery replacements in Belfast, look no further than us. 

Please note: around 1 percent of cars on the Market come with rechargeable batteries.  These batteries are sometimes unable to be replaced .  The idea of this technology is they should charge when the key is in the ignition.

The ingenious tech team who invented this technology, didn’t look beyond 4 – 5 years when the battery would, a lot of the time, no longer take a charge.  These can be troublesome to replace as the units are often sealed, and the batteries are soldered onto the circuit board.  If you have a rechargeable battery, please use the contact form to advise us of your vehicle make model and year.

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