If you are a victim of a crime in Northern Ireland

We all hear about other people being victims of a crime and we hear about the house a few blocks down that got broken into. This is something that happens in Northern Ireland at times, just like it happens in any other area of the world sporadically. In this article, we are going to be talking about the main things you need to do if you end up being the victim of a crime.

Finding a door or gate open

If you come home and you find your gates or doors open, we suggest that you don’t go inside and you check if there are any signs of breaking. If you know that there is someone else home, you can call out to them, but if you get no answer, you might want to call the emergency number.

You need to change all of the keys in your home after you have been robbed. Some burglars will leave the keys and make you think that you won’t need to change the locks, but they could get molds of the keys and can have them replicated.

If you find your car windows are broken

Don’t go into the vehicle until you can contact the police. Inspect the outside of the vehicle completely and then you can open the doors and check for any belongings that you might have left in the vehicle.

Also, open the Hood and check the engine for any missing parts. Start the car and make sure that everything works properly. The brakes should be the first thing you test.

If you are robbed in the streets

If the person robbing you asks you for your wallet, you should never hesitate and just give it to them. The criminal is always going to be just as nervous as you are, so avoid getting hurt by them by handing out your valuables. Once you are safe, immediately call the police and also report your credit cards stolen.

Criminals know you will be reporting the cards quickly so they might try to use the cards immediately after. You should also make sure that your ID’s are reported to avoid any criminal activity with them.

If your mobile phone is stolen

You need to change all passwords that you had on that phone and you have to call to report the SIM card as stolen too. Even if your phone was password protected, there are ways to gain access to all of that information. Keep a list of all the services you have on your phone and change all the passwords and information.

If your online information is compromised

The crimes that occur online should also be considered important because they could cost you a fortune in stolen funds from bank accounts and many other actions that could be taken under your name. Always inform your bank if your account is in any way compromised.


Criminal activity is always going to be a reality all over the world and Northern Ireland is no exception to this problem. The best way to make sure that you can avoid being robbed is to always be careful with your home security, vehicle safety and your general awareness of the locations that you visit while you are on foot.

This s going to make it easier for you to avoid becoming the victim of a crime in any of those fronts. Always expect the best, but assume the worst.  That is the best way to live your life without constant fear of being robbed, but also with enough precaution to avoid this.

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