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Our fully qualified locksmith can effortlessly cut keys specifically to your needs by hand and directly to your existing locks. It’s an unfortunate truth, but many of us may lose the keys to lockers, post boxes, drawers or even our own front doors. If you have accidentally lost a set of keys, there is no need to panic! You do not necessarily need to pay affordable amounts of money in order to replace your locks. This is because in most cases it can actually be far less expensive and quicker to have a set of replacement keys cut directly and purposefully for your lock.

Copying a key uses an already existing key as a template before tracing the cut into a new key, but what do you do if you no longer have your original key?

Copying any type of key, no matter how well it is performed, will always create a key that is one generation away from the original cut key. This means copying the likes of a worn key will only provide you with a reproduction of the wear that the original key had suffered from. In some instances cutting a key from an original key can be satisfactory, providing the copy is produced from a key that appears to still be in good condition.

Understanding the importance of a key code.

Nevertheless, if you have lost your key entirely, reproducing another key from something that no longer exists

code keyssounds impossible doesn’t it? Believe it or not, keys can be cut by providing our locksmith here in Belfast, the key code that can be found on your lock.


Cutting to code can produce an entirely brand new key without the use of an existing key. If your locks are have been well kept and appear to be in good condition the code-cut key should continue to work and operate your locks for many years to come; and additionally your new key cut from code can also be used to make high quality copies for family members or employees.


Cutting a new key to code produces a brand new key, which can be similar to the one that may have been supplied with your new set of cabinets, or even your car when it was new. Our locksmith’s situated in Belfast have a wide variety of keys that may be suitable to cut to code. If we don’t have a particular key in stock that is required for your type of lock, we will make sure to order it in for you with haste.

How do I find my lock code in order to give it to my locksmith?

Finding your locks code can be incredibly easy to do in most cases. Unfortunately some others may require a little investigating and some locks may need to be dismantled entirely.

Filing cabinets, office or desk

In a majority of cases the key number can be found stamped on the front of the lock, right beside where the key would enter.

Front door locks

Many premium high security front door locks may often provide you with a key code card. This enables you to record any key cutting numbers for your door’s lock. Nevertheless many of the standard or lower security doors or locks unfortunately do not record any key numbers. Try checking the front of the lock, much like a filing cabinet, office or desk. You may find a code.

Garage door handles

It’s incredibly common to locate the key code stamped on the front of the lock. It’s very rare but older style of handles contain the code on the side of the square spindle which is located at the back on the door handle.  

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