Car key Cloning – FAQ

1 – How much do car keys cost?

Non remote car keys start at £40, going up to £60. This includes the key and the immobiliser chip programmed to your  vehicle.

FAQ car key cloning Belfast

2 – What if I want the remote as well?

The remote keys start at £85 going up to £140. This includes the key, the remote control, and the immobiliser chip programmed to your vehicle.  This price does not include BMW’s or Mercedes.  It does also not include Keyless access remotes.  These start at £150

3 – My car is old! It doesn’t have an immobiliser chip!

Since the year 1995 the EU introduced a law that all new private vehicles must have an immobiliser system; this was also introduced on commercial vehicles later. Please note the immobiliser is a separate entity from the remote control.  Without this immobiliser chip your car will not start.

I bought a key on the internet, will you cut it?

Unfortunately not. We only cut keys supplied by ourselves.  The keys you buy on E-bay seem great because they’re cheap.  The reason they’re cheap is because they are made in countries with poor manufacturing standards.  They often use substandard metals and improper measurements in the blades that can damage our key cutting machinery, and your vehicle. With replacement blades for our cutters priced at £90 each, we are not willing to take any risks with them.

How long will it take to have the key made?

50% of the time the customer can wait while the key is duplicated, in general it takes between 15 and 45 minutes depending on the complexity of the key and transponder system. Some cars will need to be left for a few hours in order to complete the process.

Do you change car key batteries?

We can change batteries on 95% of makes and models and it usually takes less than 5 minutes.  Prices begin at £5 for this service

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