Car Key Prices

So how much does a car key cost in Northern Ireland?

Years ago, the price of car key replacement was much lower due to the simplicity of the car keys.  Much like a front door key, car keys could be duplicated without any hassle at a low price. In the last 25 years, car makers have boosted the security of their vehicles, partly due to EU legislation meaning immobiliser systems became mandatory.

The new car key process has several stages:

Sourcing the correct key
Duplicating the blade;
Accessing the cars computer using the pin code;
Programming of the Key.

With the above  in mind, there’s several factors that have an impact on cost for replacement car key:

The vehicle make;
The vehicle model;
The vehicle specification;
The year of manufacture;


The price for a Ford car key 2012 with a remote and blade key will be cheaper than a VW replacement key cost in the same year.  This is due to the differing prices of what the remotes cost and the more laborious method of programming a key in a Volkswagen. .

Another aspect that makes car keys more expensive is the vehicle specification.  As new keyless technology is now used more often. For example, a 2016 Ford Fiesta with a keyless remote will be more expensive than the non keyless version.

One of the main factors that will drive up the price of a new car key is if you have lost all keys.  If all keys are lost for your vehicle, the procedure is more difficult and other parts may need replacement too.

Buy Cheap, Buy Twice

The cheapest option is not always the best option! It is always cheaper to do the job right the first time.

You can buy a new Television for £90 but it won’t have the same picture quality as a more expensive trusted brand TV. This is also the case when it comes to auto locksmiths and vehicle keys.  If you call enough people, you can probably find a lower price, but trying to save £20 on a new key could end up costing you much more. It’s very easy for an inexperienced locksmith to immobilise your vehicle and corrupt a body control module by using cheap tools.

Dealer Prices Belfast


Mercedes A-Class 2013 £390.00 – 10 days wait.
Ford Transit Custom 2016 £380.00 – 5 days wait.
Volkswagen Golf 2015 £389.00 – 7 days wait.
Ford Fiesta 2012 £285.00 – 4 days wait.
Volkswagen Polo 2010 £280.00 – 7 days wait.
Mini Cooper 2013 £345.00 – 4 days wait.
Nissan Qashqai 2012 £320.00 – 7 days wait.
Ford Focus 2014 £257.00 – 4 days wait.
Vauxhall Corsa 2013 £270.00 – 5 days wait.
Ford Kuga 2014 £278.00 – 3 days wait.
Land Rover 2017 £1600.00 – 14 days wait.

A survey by the RAC revealed the following:

6% of motorists confess to permanently losing their car keys;

16 million UK drivers (44%) often forget where they have left their car keys, temporarily;

19 million of motorists who permanently lose their car keys do not have a spare and purchase a replacement;

More than £180 million is spent in the UK on replacing car keys.


While older keys were generally less complicated, the newer vehicles will more likely be more expensive. Today car keys are more sophisticated.  With many vehicles, if all keys are lost then the procedure of creating a new key is laborious since the alarm and immobiliser modules would also have to be replaced. With this in mind, it is recommended to always have a spare key.  A relatively small cost today, can save you you hundreds or even thousands of pounds in the future.

Auto Locksmiths can seem to be expensive but when you take into account that the tools for programming car keys can cost thousands to initially purchase.  A fully equipped auto locksmith will have an average outlay of around 60K plus ongoing monthly costs for software updates and training.

Finakeys Locksmith Belfast Car Key Cutting

At Finakeys locksmiths Belfast, we offer a spare car key cutting service.  Spare Remote keys cost on average around £90 – £150.  Keyless (proximity) Keys cost around £130 – £190.  Of course there are some models that can cost more.  Use the booking form on this site and we will check if the vehicle is in our coverage and quote a price.  New car keys have a warranty of 12 months.  If it is outside our coverage or if you have lost all of your keys we will assist by passing your details onto one of our Mobile Locksmith Partners.

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