February 25, 2015

Shoe Repair

Update 14th July 2021 – Shoe Repair Service backlog.  Due to the current backlog after Covid restrictions, we are currently fully booked for shoe repairs until August.  We will be accepting no further repairs until after August 1st. Thankyou for your understanding.

How much money can you save by taking good care of your shoes? With the right shoe repair service you can easily extend the life of your shoes. You can also have a much more comfortable shoe to wear. We offer a full shoe repair service in Belfast, Northern Ireland  that includes:

  • Re-soleing
  • Heel replacement
  • Stitching and patching
  • Toe pieces
  • Stretching services
  • and many others

You do not have to “get rid” of a pair of shoes or boots simply because there is some wear and tear that needs to be freshened up. We can easily help your shoes, boots and other footwear serve you for years to come by fixing them up and getting them back to you quickly.

Belfast shoe repair

shoe repair Belfast

We offer specialty services in Belfast Northern Ireland for brand name footwear like Timberland, Red Wing, Caterpillar and many other brands. Our expert shoe repair services are offered for a full range of well known name brand footwear options.

Heel replacement can easily add new life to a favourite pair of ladies or gents shoes. Stitching and patching of your favourite Ugg boots will help you to get more life out of them. Toe pieces can help to reinforce your work boots. Replacing eyelets that have come undone on your favourite tennis or boat shoes can offer you another season or two out of them. Zippers can be replaced.

If your shoes are a little too snug or you need a new pair broken in we offer expert stretching services that will not disfigure your shoes it will simply make them conform to your feet better!

Stop Throwing Money Away

You can easily save money by keeping your shoes longer. Of course you do not want to keep shabby shoes but you also should not just throw your money away. Having us repair your shoes is a great way to cut down on waste and to keep more of your money in your wallet.

Keeping your shoes in good repair will allow you to free up your cash. Let us help you care for your shoes in Belfast, Northern Ireland  by keeping them in good repair. It is one of the simplest things you can do to cut  back on costs. If you have shoes that are not in tip top condition but you are not ready to give up on them, have them repaired. It is the quick easy answer.

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